Here’s how to increase sales to Interior Designers: Stop giving them more work!

  I was doing some crusin' on the internet this morning and it just hit me how many people want me to DO something. They want me to work at something I probably do not want because it just gives me more to do..WHO HAS TIME? Sign up for this, take this survey... tell us how we're doing... get this free fill-in-the-blank... just sign up. You cannot get on a website or make a call without [...]

Pipeline or a pipe dream? How do sales people know the difference?

  As I begin my next sales training ecourse with Kravet in New York, I review my presentations and reflect on what has changed in the industry or in selling techniques. Some of the reflection includes methods that I was taught and used for so long that I now realize just don't work anymore, but most still continue to do. I observe it every day. I'm also becoming more aware every day, that this is not [...]

Without a need, there is no sale to an interior designer

  One of the most common questions I am asked is what is the most effective closing technique? I used to say, you close from the moment you enter the designer's office. Although I still think that is true, I also know closing starts when you find out what the needs of that client are, which should begin even before you call for an appointment. It's simple, without a need, there is no sale. The current [...]

What is the future for product companies and showrooms selling to interior designers?

Well, would you be surprised if I said GOOD AND BAD? BAD if we continue to sell like we have been taught the last... however long sales people have been selling to designers. GOOD if we decide to have a different approach to how we currently sell. Here's what has changed in the way interior designers do business today. Maybe I should make a list of what has not changed. Oh no, that would be almost [...]

Calling all sales people who sell product to Interior Designers!

HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO INCREASE SALES (clue-not more product!) I am so excited to hear that more and more people are talking about providing solutions vs. just talking to our clients. I signed up for an online sales summit comprised of top business leaders in industries like IT, insurance, financial, marketing and sales and so many were speaking about selling solutions, not product or services. One of the speakers used the term "product dump" when [...]