Designers are busier than ever. We all are. To add to that, they and their clients have so many more choices making life in the interior design product company and showroom business more challenging than ever.

So, we have two choices. (1) to stay in the same, comfortable place and continue to use outdated methods or (2) evolve our sales approach to meet and match the changing market. I would always suggest everyone choose 2 if they want to stay in the game and competitive.

We need to make our client’s jobs easier, not harder. So if we just approach each phone call, client visit to the showroom and outside call (basically any contact with a client) with the mindset of “HOW CAN I HELP YOU TODAY?” our sales will grow exponentially.

Now I know you are thinking, I already say that all the time, right?

I don’t mean that you merely ASK how you can help them, but have a mind shift of how you can REALLY help to make their job easier. There is a big difference.

Here’s the difference.

In the past, the accepted way to help a client was giving them as much product as we can. We thought the more options we give them, the more likely we are to get that sale. However, that way of thinking is outdated and flawed. It actually makes their job more difficult. Why? Because we are having the designer figure out where and if to use that product. That’s more work for them. It also puts your sales results in jeopardy. Will they choose me or not?

This action causes that teeter-totter effect that I often talk about. It’s a very passive and passe way of selling. Clients just don’t have time anymore. And they have a lot more options than every before.

We are no longer the only game in town!

So helping now has to have a different mindset and connotation. It’s helping beyond focusing on product to focusing on a solution with fewer choices.

Don’t give them tons of options and hope something sticks. Give them what they can use NOW! Focusing on product and giving them lots of options, despite the traditional way of thinking, just gives them more to do and your sales at risk.

Focus on diagnosing by asking the right questions, taking the time to dig a little deeper and give them a solution that fits their needs exactly if not, at least, more closely than lots of options.

RESULTS? They will come to you more often because you save them time and money! They know you are the solutions person and give them less busy work to do. You are a more viable solution to their challenges, not just someone they like.

You may get a little resistance at first because designers are used to controlling the show. But once you tell them that you are there to make their job easier…..who wouldn’t love to hear that? I’ve done it, it works!

Here’s another post of exactly how sales people can focus on what the designer needs right now!

This is one of many solutions that I offer for sales people, product companies, and showrooms to increase sales in today’s changing marketplace.

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