Sales Coaching:

We constantly hear about sales people’s challenges such as closing more sales, how to get in front of the client more often, how to  show multi-lines and effectively manage time.   In reality, these are the wrong questions to be asking.  This is focusing on the sales person and their sales techniques rather than the client’s needs.  When the correct focus is applied, everything else falls into place.

Our programs are specifically designed to move the sales staff in a different direction to more client focus based sales. This change of focus will guarantee a dramatic increase in the companies revenues. 

Sales people drawn to this industry are creative and learn differently.  We speak the language because we have been in their shoes. We provide invaluable support to already overworked national sales managers.  If there are no sales managers, we can train your sales force. We offer training regionally, nationally or work on special programs with under-performing sales people or territories in the residential, contract or hospitality design market.

Sales and Marketing Keynotes and Workshops:

Deborah knows what it takes to motivate, inspire, and reignite the passion of your sales staff! Ensure the success of your next meeting or event.  She can begin or end your event with a bang, and your audience will leave motivated and excited.  Today, they have to be the best in the competitive design market. When you book Deborah for one of your events, you will get the results you expect and want.

The world has changed. Business today is more challenging. Good enough is not good enough anymore.  Sales people  are stressed just trying to make their sales goals.  Salespeople are struggling to reach prospects, wrestling with client indifference and fighting price wars on every front. Clients are sick to death with pushy, self-interested salespeople that just keep showing them product they don’t need. Face it, the way we were taught to sell just doesn’t work anymore and it alienates clients.

Deborah offers keynote speeches on sales for your sales meetings or industry events. She bring you a power-packed motivational, dynamic  and informative speech interspersed with humor and always engaging, as only Deborah can do. She will guarantee the presentations will be the highlight of your sales meeting.  Your sales staff will be motivated and taught to use  tools that will help them take their sales efforts to the next level.

If you want to go beyond the keynote and create a real, high-impact learning experience for your attendees, we work with you to assess your unique needs and objectives and then implement a customized solution that provides much more than just an outstanding speaker for your company.

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Branding and Marketing:

Is your marketing message and collateral missing the mark? Why do the biggest brands in the world spend millions of dollars on marketing? Because the RIGHT marketing works.  As your strategist we can partner with you to:

  • Build your brand from scratch.
  • Re-invent existing brands.
  • Unearth your value proposition.
  • Identify key obstacles/solutions.
  • Arrive at breakthrough concepts.

We work with companies that need to invent or re-invent their marketing. Our expertise, deep knowledge and results with companies in the interior design industry can catapult your company to the next level…..painlessly. Our cost effective solutions may be exactly what you are looking for. We offer services that range from startups who may not even know how to be begin to an already established company that want(s) to get to the next level of profitability. We can work with an existing marketing department or independently with companies that choose not to have someone full time.

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Showroom Business:


Turn ailing showrooms into profit centers without decreasing staff!  Deborah brings a new concept to showrooms using her 18+ years of showroom sales and management experience. This new approach to showroom business quickly results in a dramatic increase in showroom sales and  profitability. With industry insider experience, an objective, industry-wide approach to showroom business is analyzed, and a blueprint for showroom success is offered.  We quickly analyze and offer solutions that had not been considered previously

We make sure every square foot of your showroom is profitable. Time consuming tasks that don’t add revenues or profits are eliminated. A cohesive plan is implemented to offer you a renewed way of approaching showroom business resulting in an easy, less stressful, more profitable way of running your showroom.

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