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A trusted sales process is necessary to meet the changing expectations of the modern buyer. Conscious Selling is a research-based program designed for every salesperson – regardless of position or experience.

Conscious Selling uses a multi phased approach that can be incorporated into any company’s current sales infrastructure.

The power of the program provides managers and sales associates a common language and approach to selling that puts the focus on clients needs instead of product and links manager’s expectations to sales associate’s performance.

Research shows that 10% of current salespeople should not be in sales because of lack of performance. 80% of current salespeople are mediocre performers and only occasionally meet sales goals.

Only 10% of current salespeople can be classified as top performers hitting or exceeding quotas consistently. Here’s a way to get more salespeople into that top bracket!

Consider this for return on investment: For a single sales person whose individual quota is $250,000 – $1 Million, with only a 10% increase after training, that means an additional $25,000 – $100,000 in increased sales.

Our Conscious Selling Workshops enable sales teams to shift their focus from product presentations to client – focused needs.

There is an ever-growing disparity between how well companies think their sales teams are performing, and actual customer sentiments. Successful sales teams can be seen..

  • Identifying and prioritizing high potential accounts Increasing sales within existing accounts
  • Implementing suggestive selling techniques to increase sales across all product lines
  • Maximizing their usage of time with clients
  • Increasing prospects list with viable new potential clients

We then teach GUSTO©, a system which takes a salesperson from a traditional product-focused sales approach to a proven system which focuses on needs and solutions that create HIGH VELOCITY SALES.

We offer 3 different Half Day Workshops: All workshops will incorporate 7 Core Principles of Conscious Selling and GUSTO System for high performing salespeople

Workshop 1
Foundational Sales Program Mastering the Sales Fundamentals.

Foundational Selling training introduces sellers to the fundamental skills needed to engage and interact with buyers. Through subjects like Setting the Stage and Client Focused Prospecting, sellers use learned behaviors and strategies to better respond to customer needs, assess current and prospective accounts, and improve quota attainment.

Give your sales team the foundational tools it needs to start winning more.

  1. Setting the Stage
  • What you or your team must change for more effective selling
  • Blast away old selling techniques that no longer work and replace them with new selling techniques that work for you.
  • Know the difference between external issues we cannot control and internal issues we can champion.
  • Master changing your selling environment and procedures and chuck the excuses
  1. Client Focused Prospecting
  • Develop and refine your list of prospects to identify the potential customers
  • most likely to find value in your solution.
  • Plan and deliver thoughtful, persuasive messaging that generates interest by addressing buyer concerns and needs.
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Workshop 2
Hone Your Professional Selling Skills to Take It to the Next Level

This workshop is intended to give a more immersive experience with high-energy coursework designed to build and refine sales teams,to take your organization’s selling prowess to the next level. This professionally led half day training workshops includes:

  1. How to sell like the top performers
  • Don’t tell them what you want, find out what the customer needs
  • Secure and maintain goals (before and after the call) that get you closer to the sale
  • Engage your clients using questions
  • Position yourself in the room for less distractions
  1. Intentional Selling
  • The winning presentation
  • Using strategic questioning
  • Own the conversation using conversational skills that enable sellers to engage customers.
  • Keywords that get you closer to the sale
  • Shhhhh just listen
  • Bridge needs to solutions
  • Give your clients experiences they won’t and can’t forget.
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Workshop 3
Account Management

Account Management highlights the training salespeople need to excel at quota attainment, new business development and account growth.

This program sharpens and develops modern sales skills for now and into the future.Sales techniques researched and developed for the modern business market helps your sales staff effectively discover and address customer needs, improving immediate interactions with buyers. In this workshop we address:

  1. Managing Time and Planning
  • Gaining more visibility into the status of important sales opportunities
  • Forecast revenue with more accuracy
  • Goal setting for focusing and maximizing account management
  • Create step by step plan to get the sale
  • Time management for salespeople
  1. Following up more effectively.
  • What’s in it for the client?
  • Breaking the cycle of business as usual
  • Focus time on viable sales
  • How to quickly develop a pipeline and not a pipedream
  • Engage with buyers earlier and more often in the sales cycle, leading to more win-win deals.

Full Day Workshop: For Maximum Selling Potential and results you can combine all 3 half day workshops into a full day immersion experience.

This full-Day workshop results in salespeople implementing sales techniques that have benefitted sales professionals around the country.

Bonus included: Our full day workshop includes a mini workshop in customer relations and customer experience

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