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Reignite the spark, and motivate your team to propel sales

Deborah has a passion for motivating and inspiring others. Which is why she created tangible steps that busy professionals can easily incorporate into their existing strategy to achieve their biggest goals.

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A salesperson won’t get very far with inadequate people skills. In order to efficiently sell a product, the seller must be able to identify and communicate effectively with her customers. She will need to determine their customer’s needs, present the product in a manner that makes the customer feel he needs that product, and be able to respond quickly to criticisms and rejections in a positive manner. Without these fundamental interpersonal skills, the salesperson won’t be able to build a trusting relationship with his/her clients.

Sales people spend less than 10% of their time doing actual sales. Are you one of them?

My intention is to motivate and inspire audience members through enjoyable, even humorous content. But I also want them to acquire concrete tools that they can adopt in their daily life to attain success and sense of accomplishment.”
–Deborah Flate

Trust is key when it comes to choosing a speaker for your event or sales meeting. You feel a sense of responsibility, and you should. It’s an investment. You want a speaker who is engaging and compelling, but also adds value.

EVEN THE BEST PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DON’T SELL THEMSELVES. THEY MUST BE MARKETED PROPERLY, and the prowess of your sales team has a profound effect on your clients’ satisfaction. With ongoing sales training, you’ll be able to better grow your customer base, hold onto talent, and otherwise bolster the success of not only your business, but also the businesses that work with you.

You want a want a speaker who has walked a mile in your sales peoples’ shoes. You want a speaker who knows the ins and outs of your business – what works, and what doesn’t. You want someone with hands-on experience dealing with obstacles sales people face every day. Someone with solutions to these obstacles and techniques that work and boost sales.

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