For some time, I have noticed more and more people are demanding (or requesting) more and more for us to do.  Take this survey, give me 5 stars, tell me how you liked the experience you just had, sign up for this newsletter.  I cannot even simply look for a recipe without being bombarded with asks, advertisements that I have to so carefully navigate, or OH NO…I  accidentally clicked on it..more ads coming my way!

These used to be an excellent way to market and get more potential buyers on your mailing list. However, that was fine 10 years ago because very few people were doing it. Now, it’s just pure noise and annoying! It’s just one more thing people are asking me to do!  Giving me more work!

I am sure, like me, when you scroll down to see where a movie is playing and that pop-up comes up to sign up for the newsletter, you let out a big sigh and try to carefully navigate the “X” to cancel!

So what does this have to do with selling beautiful products to interior designers, you ask?

We can’t leave it up to the designer to figure out where to use our product.  When we just show the product they may or may not have a current need for, that’s precisely what we are doing—it becomings a mass of confusion in this hectic world.  And confused minds do not buy!

It’s just one more thing for them to do.  That leaves sales totally up to chance, no matter how good your relationship is with that designer.  Once you leave, it’s all up to chance!

With everything online for the foreseeable future, it is even more important to give them less noise, less work.  Help designers by narrowing down choices and making their job easier!

Help them do their jobs! Qualify more, show less!  It will get you to the sale faster and with less work.

Don’t just overwhelm them with more and more products. Qualify what their CURRENT needs are. Here are a few ways to do that.

  1. Don’t just make an appointment randomly. By doing this without looking at sales figures and coming up with a sales, strategy is like shooting at a target with a blindfold.  Look before you leap, as your mom would tell you.  Have a firm plan of what you are going to show for that sale!
  2.  When you get to that appointment, don’t just leap into your presentation.It doesn’t matter how beautiful your new product is if they cannot use it. Sure it’s fun for both of you, but are you there to have fun or sell? I know you want to show new product, and that’s fine, as long as it is shown after you work on current needs. I am happiest when salespeople tell me they had to make another appointment to just show new product because they took so long working on a current project with them.  That’s what you want MORE of!
  3. After your appointment, get them what they will USE, not just what they ask for.  When a client looks at the new product, it resonates with them, and they ask for sampling; many times, they are focused on the MAYBE or WHAT IF.  Maybe we can use that on this project.   I like the aesthetic of this wall covering/ lighting/fabric/sofa/carpet/hardware.. whatever you are showing at that time.  I want this in my library JUST IN CASE or WHAT IF I need it in the future.  That, my friend, does not MAKE a sale. It leaves your sale up to chance.

The less strategy you have, the more you JUST show product on appointments; the more random sampling you give out just because a client wants it;  “They have to say, “Where can I use this?”  If they have to figure that out, it turns into more noise and more work for the client!

Don’t ask them to do more work…do the work for them.  Make their job easier.  It will pay off in dollars and a very tight relationship with your clients, I promise!