Welcome to my new website and blog page. Please feel free to check it out. I will be posting blogs here on a regular basis. If you have anything you would like to post, or would like to post such as advice to others in our industry stemming from your experiences, or questions you need answered, those options will be made available to you as I update and perfect my website. Also, we welcome feedback with suggestions on what you might want to see on a website geared to our industry. What we are doing right, and what may not be informative for you or your company. Please return to check out any new changes or updates. We are constantly forward thinking and hope to make this website more interactive, such as live chat, and whatever else is coming down the technology highway.

After working for showrooms and product companies for 20 years, I decided to address the problems I saw in the industry by starting my own business. As of the launching of this website, I will be celebrating the 14th anniversary of Dialogue Consulting. To celebrate, I am am focusing on expanding my sales training and speaking. While I still do branding and marketing for product companies, I now see how much sales people, designers and product companies want to learn just how to sell more effectively and weather any economic times we might face in the future.

Although my focus has always been working with product companies, this kind of important work applies to ALL sectors of the design industry from interior designers to independent sales representatives to product companies and showrooms and their sales people both inside and out!

I am going to be doing more online webinar series on sales with a focus on changing from sales mistakes to winning strategies , one on one coaching and speaking at National Sales Conferences, Design Centers and Industry Shows.

So take a look around my new website…and please use the RSS feed to get my blogs sent directly to your mailbox.