5 Top Tips to SUPER-CHARGE Your 2017 Sales for Interior Design Products

I know it's almost cliche to talk about goals for a New Year, but here's why I still do it. It works...it's a new year, new start and usually new sales year. So why fight it? Instead, let's do it! I am still hearing from so many salespeople they don't write their goals down and are still focusing most of their presentation on the product instead of really asking those great qualifying questions to get to [...]

Change your approach when selling to interior designers from product to value

  I am asked all the time by sales people, "How do I close more sales?", "How do I get more appointments?", "I work so hard, why am I getting less than stellar results?" With the ever increasing competition in the world of interior design, you are sitting on a potential gold mine, as a sales person. However, people want value. That does not always mean 'cheaper". We've just conditioned to think less expensive is usually [...]