Change your Approach to Selling

When selling to interior designers, focus less on the product and more on value Salespeople ask me all the time: "How do I close more sales?" "How do I get more appointments?" "I work so hard, so why am I getting less-than-stellar results?" My answer to these questions is to focus less on the product itself, and more on the value you can offer. With the ever-increasing competition in the world of interior design, the way [...]

Kick off your Annual Sales Plan with 5 powerful tips to setting sales goals for people who sell interior products

How many of you have gone into another sales years saying this is the year where I am really going to exceed my sales targets? I am thinking oh, about 94% of you. The other 6%, here’s a question, should you be in sales? But, for most, that’s where the desire ends. The first of the year passion is there. It’s a new year and a new time to set those goals. The missing link is [...]

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For more sales of interior design products, be very sure about your outcome

I am a massive Tony Robbins fan, have been for years. He was just here in Chicago and although I couldn’t attend, a number of my friends went and said it was amazing. I did not doubt that for a moment! For those who are not followers, I strongly recommend becoming one! One of his outcome-focused methods is MAP which is Massive Action Plan. What most interests me and aligns with my coaching is when he [...]

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How does “silence is golden” help you sell more?

Now….Shhhhh….Yes, you! As a person who has been a sales representative for over 20 years with some of the most esteemed companies in my industry, I know what my deepest challenge was talking too much and maybe even hurt some of my sales opportunities. Many sales people talk WAY too much and don't listen well ENOUGH I am known to my friends as one who could engage a rock. I love talking with people. But I [...]

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Product brings NO value to clients in the interior design industry

  What? What about the benefits of my products! It surpasses 100,000 double rubs, it fits perfectly into the configuration you need, EVEN the price is right! But is the need NOW or later? Are you there at the right time of the buying cycle? Don't believe me? Then believe your fellow sales colleagues. I am doing a report on the state of the industry from the sales person's perspective and guess what the number one [...]

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