Those who achieved or surpassed their goals…Bravo! Those who didn’t, it’s not too late to stop focusing on speculating why you didn’t and just do something about it to change the outcome, permanently!

I teach sales people an approach to selling to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. The old way of “pushing” product, by dumping product in front of a client, talking about how wonderful these products are and leaving it up to them to choose you is over…O-V-E-R. It worked when we were the only way homeowners could buy product, and frankly gave us a false sense of security, but no more..just doesn’t work. This is why so many sales people and product companies I talk to every single day are continuing to struggle..or have uneven months.

So how do you change, you ask. Well, I will tell you. It’s part of my 21 Day Jump Start Program to Sky Rocket Your Sales in 2017. And here is a highlight to get you started. It is based on my Mindful Selling: 7 Core Principles to Propel Your Results.

(1) Sell With Intention:

Here is Webster’s dictionary definition of intention:

  1. noun: a thing intended; an aim or plan.


When you sell with intention you slow down, think clearly about exactly what you need to accomplish before, during and after a visit from a client. Little to no things are left to chance like before. Your moves are well planned and you are aiming for that sale. You don’t, as they say, shoot from the hip or fall back into old habits that waste precious time when you are in front of your client or customer. You realize that you are there to make the client’s job easier by asking the right questions and filling that need.

I always tell my clients that structure makes money. Every time you have to backtrack by re-quoting or answering objections because you showed the wrong product that the client loved, but you failed to ask the right qualifying questions or showed product for which the client had no current need, your wasting precious time and sales suffer because of that. You are in that “swamped” hamster wheel every day. Busy, yes. Business, hmmm not so much. Both you and the client are too overwhelmed.

(2) Change your focus:

Focusing on product is so 2008. For decades sales people have focused on product. “We need new product” is the cry from sales people (I know..I used to say that, too!). However, the market has changed dramatically. The homeowner has unlimited choices from online to retail to discount stores and the world of product has become much more transparent than ever before. So we must change to make it easier for the designer or homeowner, not more difficult by focusing on product and leaving up to them to make the choice (or not!).


We have to change from focusing on product to focusing on exactly what the client needs right now. How do we know? Asking questions..finding out, replacing your current focus on product to client needs and applying my third principle.

(3) Be the solution: Make it work for them

Once you apply principle 1 and principle 2 to your sales strategy you are then are focused on the client’s exact need. It’s your job, as a sales person, to narrow the focus by asking the right questions of the client and to be crystal clear about what they are looking for and you then have the perfect solution! Voila.


I know that may sound almost too simplistic, but it truly works and is not done often enough by sales people. By getting rid of all the distractions of product that doesn’t work for them right now, you eliminate objections (after all you’re giving them just what they need, right?), constant follow up, too many quotations, too many emails and phone calls. And a bonus is you’re making the client’s job easier and they will be more dedicated to you. Who doesn’t want someone making their life simpler? That’s the true meaning of being their source.

These are the three principles that are included in my 21 Day Jump Start Program to Sky Rocket Your Sales in 2017. Click on the link to find out more,

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