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If you could measurably improve your sales in 3 Weeks (only 21 days) would you?

Can you relate to one or more of these?

  • I’m working really hard, yet still feel your compensation is not matching the effort.
  • I went to one of my accounts yesterday and heard, “Oh if only you were here last week, I had the perfect project for that.”
  • I can’t get in with that client, they are always too busy.
  • I have to have some kind of lunch to get in the door, which completely focuses on products.
  • I keep calling on clients hoping they will buy but don’t get results.
  • I showed up to my appointment, and they were not there.
  • I could not get the job because of pricing.
  • My product is just too expensive to have sales as strong as I would like.
  • Getting business is much more difficult now, I have to work twice as hard.

Selling has become more complex.  The marketplace of interior products has changed, are you absolutely sure your techniques match these changes? We’re going to blast away anything that is getting in your way, causing you any frustration, or making you work way too hard!


Once upon a time, I was where YOU are.  Although I was on top of my profession, I’ve learned many, many lessons I now want to share – pitfalls, traps, mistakes, best practices – so that you can avoid the long (and often painful) lessons and learning curves I had to overcome to get here.  I’ve culled 30 years of those experiences into a program that just plain makes sense and is super easy!

As a sales professional, the information you need to be successful is always changing. You need product knowledge, sales knowledge, and customer knowledge to get the perfect results.

In this 21 day ecourse, you will learn exactly how to do that.  Based on my Mindful Selling: 7 Core Principles to Propel Your Results, you will learn exactly how I have worked with companies such as Baker Furniture, Kravet Fabrics, Jack Lenor Larsen, and much more to catapult sales results.

With this new marketplace filled with multiple ways to get the client’s attention, we will cut through anything that no longer works.


  • You will receive easy, actionable techniques that you can implement immediately to jet propel your sales in 2017!hampster-wheel-copy

  • Three-30 minute technique filled sessions that will be delivered to your mailbox to listen to, on demand.


  • You will also receive action steps after completion of each session to incorporate immediately.


  • Bonuses to help support all your efforts to propel your sales


We will focus on three vital principles that will produce the fastest results:

For those who sell to designers

For those who sell to Homeowners


Many sales people are misguided thinking more is better and busy is good. The more appointments I have the better; the more product I can show, the better. We are going to shatter that theory and learn that busy is only good if you are assured it will end up in a sale. We now know it’s the quality of the meeting vs. quantity of meetings. When you learn how to slow down your process to sell with intention, you take the right steps in making your precious time count when in front of a client.

In this session you will learn:

  •  Working the process with customers in a determined, mutual, and patient manner.
  • Thinking about how your sales “presentation” will seal the deal.
  • Stop believing that you can sell anything to everyone.
  • The technique for uncovering hidden opportunities.

I can’t say enough!! I just can’t!! Thank you, Deborah. I had a great July because after our first week I began implementing “Intentional Selling” techniques
Gwen, Kravet


In this fast paced world of extraordinary on and offline choices, you will learn how to focus on the real opportunities in the pipeline, to make them happen. You will learn how to change your focus from product to current needs resulting in more sales in less time and leaving more time to expand your outreach.

In this session you will learn:

  • Focusing on fewer will increase sales.
  • You need to know your product, but product does NOT make the sale…really.
  • How to focus more on needs to give you breakthrough sales results.

I want to thank you. My November numbers were up 32% and our showroom was one of only two regions up for this month. I am getting call backs constantly, “follow up” floors them that I care.  Just rewording our approach is opening doors, like never before.  Rose, Kravet


Clients have less time, more product sources are available than ever.  You will learn the difference between presenting and selling and become the solution to your client’s’ needs, every time.  This will automatically make their job easier and you will become the Go-To rep where it really counts…sales!

In this session you will learn:

  • To become the GO-TO sales person and WIPE OUT your competition every time.
  • Demonstrate commitment to your client and gain that commitment of more sales.
  • Cut through quickly and efficiently to find out what the clients’ needs are.
  • Provide solutions your clients really want.

I thought I was doing everything right, I realize now that I was missing components that are now opening the floodgate of sales.
Mike, Kravet

 I will have a special Q&A 30 minute one-on-one coaching time where you can ask me ANYTHING!

You will also receive:

  • Ebook: Mindful Selling: 7 Core Principles to Optimized Results
  • Ebook: How to Make Your Most Difficult Client Your Bests One
  • Report: Open Ended Questions that get your closer to that sale
  • 24/7 email access to me during the course to answer any questions which will be answered by next business day
  • Valuable feedback on your weekly “assignments”
  • ..and much more!

Who should take this?

Salespeople—whether they are new hires or on the job for a while— will take away techniques that will enable them to maximize your sales success.

“Deborah’s input was remarkable for my business. I learned to let go of my old ideas and approach my clients with an “expert” attitude.
Tamara, Independent Rep

Here’s the best news! 

Normally this course retails for $397.00 but because I really want to help as many increase their sales as possible I am offering it for the one time low price of just 

$397.00     $197.00 Per participant

Hurry before this awesome deal ends!

Deborah’s sales techniques have been an essential part of my development and training. She has helped me really understand my clients and become more than a sales rep, but become their Go-To sales person  which helped me increase my sales and obtain my goals.”
Claire, Brentano Fabrics

Just click below and start 2017 of with a BLAST!

For those who sell to designers

For those who sell to Homeowners

Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"
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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"