Setting goals is the first step to making the invisible into the visible…Tony Robbins.

A common problem sales people are faced with is achieving sales goals which seem, many times, insurmountable. (Believe me, I have been there!) So sales people just “start their engines” to try to meet that elusive goal at the end of the year; many times falling short. How disappointing and defeating that is.

Worse yet, companies you work with may not even set sales goals and at the end of the year, you’ve not done even what YOU wanted to.

That’s because, in my experience, we have so much to juggle, that we fail to take time to monitor what we are doing and many times just fall so far behind that catching up is impossible. We say, “Oh bad month”, I’ll have to catch up. Or we may rely on the “one big order” to meet our goal. That’s not the way to have consistent sales every year, that’s relying on hope..and that’s certainly not a strategy.

So what can we do, as sales people, to really stay motivated and not feel so overwhelmed? If your companies do no break down goals (or even if they do) then set them yourself. Become your own sales manager. (even if you have one or many)That way you will not fall so far behind. If you do not meet your monthly goals, you should reassess and tweak what you are doing, not continue to do the same thing. If you do, the results will be exactly the same.

As a former regional sales manager, that’s exactly what I did with my sales staff, and it helped to increase productivity and sales dramatically. I ended up with motivated and happy sales people making more money!

Some managers will do this, but many are so busy running the day to day operations they just can’t find the time. So, if that is the case in your business, or if you are an independent representative,you have to “take the bull by the horn” and set your own goals.

After all, if you do not have a solid road map to where you are going and a strategy of how to get there, it will not only waste more time, but you may not get there at all.

So here’s how I would suggest doing this…pretty easy (and I do this for my own business and it’s how I train sales people)

1. Break your goals into monthly and even weekly numbers. You need to know exactly what you need to do..face the facts. And if you’re not achieving them,. you need to ask WHY and tweak your efforts. (that’s a very important part!)

2. Work backwards. Once you have set your goals break down how much that will take in product sales. This is one of the easiest things to do and so motivating because you’ll be able to see how achievable your goals really are. So this is how it’s done:

Yearly Goal for a line: $75,000.00

Monthly Goal for that line: $6.250.00

Weekly Goal for that line: $1,562.25

Now add up how much you REALLY have to sell you achieve that goal. Doesn’t that seem better then that big yearly goal? Maybe you have to only sell one peice of furniture, one carpet, 15 yards of fabric.

Of course great sales people don’t stop there..but it’s certainly a start for those who have a tough time achieving goals.

3. Choose client’s that are most viable for helping you in achieving your goal FOR THAT LINE! Why call on 100 clients to show this line, if only 20 (80/20 rule) will really be viable! I call these fans. Many sales people fail to do this which is why they often feel swamped. When you’re spinning in a hamster wheel, your brain is on overload.

4. Now monitor those goals and see if you’re on target. This is the ONLY way you will not fall far behind and have to play catch up. If you don’t take time to do this and, when necessary, reassess what you are doing and where you can improve, you will not be able to have consistent sales. Never a good idea to chalk it up to a bad month. (Unfortunately, I hear that way too much)

When I was in sales, I have to admit I didn’t do this. And you know what? Many times I did fall short of yearly goals. Now I wish I would have. I was successful, but could have been even MORE successful if I had done this. When I learned, as a manager, to do this…it produced radical results!

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