Interesting that a Mid-West girl who works with companies in the interior design industry would say or even think that. But there is a reason behind this statement.

I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years and find there are many who “think they can do it all”. They don’t need training. They don’t need a business consultant. They do fine on their own. But do they really?

Most of us know what business we get or acquire, but do we know what business we’ve lost? I am not talking about sales or business we go after and may loose to a competitor (which is bad enough and many times avoidable). I am talking about business we DON’T even know we’ve lost.

Why do companies lose business? According to Harvard Business Review here are a few reasons:

  • Poor pre-sales preparation: Losers were often cited as having inferior quality pre-sales resources and equally important, the lack of knowledgeable resources who consistently attended each meeting throughout the sales cycle.
  • Ineffective Messaging. Successful communication is the cornerstone of all sales. Winners have the ability to tailor compelling messages that resonate with the various evaluators across the organization and up and down the chain of command.
  • Business Solution Focus. A common interview theme is that both the winning and losing salespeople knew their products very well. However, winners were better able to prove their value as a business partner who had the expertise to solve the customer’s problem.
  • And most importantly a coach that can help them see, from an unbiased view how they are doing and what they can improve and get that sales faster and with less wasted time (another thing people don’t see!) So many times people get into a “rut” of using the old, same, stale methods that may or may not have worked in the past but just don’t now. It’s hard to break out of a comfort zone, especially if you don’t know you’re even in one!

And there’s the problem of people who head companies and/or sales teams thinking they can go it alone. Or they may even have something or someone in place who has to train their sales people on product, but do not teach methods. If they are strong in one area, why can’t that translate to another? What’s so tough?

I am a really good designer. I am a great sales and business coach. And I LOVE sports! That does not mean that I can play basketball all on my own. But if I had a good coach, I could definitely do better and get to the next level of my dream to play basketball!

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