“My intention is to motivate and inspire the audience through enjoyable, even humorous content. Yet have them end up with steps that can easily be incorporated into their current efforts to achieve the highest goals”.

Trust is key when it comes to choosing a speaker for your event or sales meeting. You feel a sense of responsibility, and you should. It’s an investment. You want a speaker who is interesting and compelling, but also adds value.

You don’t want to choose a speaker that has not walked a mile in your sales peoples’ shoes. You want someone who intimately knows the ins and outs of your business; what works, what doesn’t. You want someone who has had personal experience in issues sales people face every day and answers each of these issues precisely and with proven techniques that have made each of her clients and sales people with whom she has worked dramatically increase their sales.

Speakers invest themselves into their messages. That is no exception here, my love and passion for the design industry and specifically sales has always been a priority in my life. I am on a mission and it shows. Audiences come away with a renewed sense of hope and motivation.


  • Deborah’s seminar was indeed thought provoking and instrumental in the way I conduct business.

    Tamara Honza Independent representative for Honza Group
  • After attending your keynote, I left feeling enthusiastic, regenerated and “ready to sell!

    Coutney Brooks Senior outside sales person, NYC for Pollack Fabrics
  • As a 14 year veteran of Tui Pranich, I had the opportunity to work with managers that proceeded and followed Deborah. To her credit, she was instrumental in bringing the showroom from a deep slump to profitability.

    Dick Burkett, former VP Tui Pranich showrooms
  • Deborah did this while developing strong public relations and training the staff to be true sales people versus order takers. Her work ethics, knowledge and track record are remarkable.

    Dick Burkett, former VP Tui Pranich showrooms

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You may have tried strategies that seem to work at first but are just not sticking. Your sales are up and down and you can’t seem to find the right path to consistently increase your sales revenues and profits. If you are a showroom or independent sales person, you may have thought  the answer was changing lines or getting more lines. Or if you are a showroom or manufacturer with sales people, maybe you tried increasing sales by hiring an additional sales person or replacing one of your current staff with someone entirely new.

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