Sharp, well-coached professionals make things happen!

Solutions that work for individual reps and the whole team

One size never fits all. Individual sales reps and sales teams require different approaches when building client relations and closing sales. Implementing imprecise, cookie-cutter strategies ends up only hurting your bottom line in the long run. Choose between Deborah’s two customized sales solutions depending on your needs:

  • Sales Jumpstart Boost your sales results in 21 days with our three-part e-learning sales course. Discover how to generate leads better, improve results, qualify clients and bounce from objections in no time.
Sales Jumpstart highlights:
  • Three pre-recorded sessions plus a 30-minute coaching call with Deborah
  • Includes a short seminar at the price of $197
  • Duration: 21 days
  • Designed as a relationship-building tool with clients
  • Precursor to Mindful Selling e-course

Mindful Selling Work with Deborah to increase your individual sales goals or bring your sales team along. Gain direct access to Deborah and take advantage of her time-honored sales strategies individually, or as a group.

Mindful Selling highlights:
  • Live sessions, not pre-recorded
  • Duration: three months plus one week
  • Companies can sign up a group of people for a session with Deborah
  • Large companies pay between $5,000 and $7,000
  • Individuals pay $1,500 for the duration of the three months, or about $500 per month



Option to pay $500/ month for 3 months


No. of Participants Price
2-5 $3,500
6-10 $5,000
11-15 $7,000

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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"