You are probably here because:

  • Your sales are not what you expected or want.
  •  Your sales have stalled even with a stronger economy.
  • You have under-performers in specific territories.

You think they can do better, have tried a number of ways to train your sales force or yourself, if you are a sales person. and yet seem STUCK and fraught with excuses.

What would you say if we could get ALL your sales people to produce more consistent sales?  That’s what we do!  Current sales strategies focus on:

  •  More product.
  •  More appointments.
  • Closing sales.
  • “Buy-in” from the client.
  •  More marketing tools.
  • Budgets
  • Features and benefits

These techniques JUST DON”T WORK anymore! Our training process teaches “client focused” sales.  That includes:

  • Qualifying the client
  • Client’s needs
  • The right client for the right product.
  • Becoming a perceived expert.
  • More listening/less talking

Supercharge your sales force!  This new methodology results in massive increases in sales and profits! We do this by:

  • Helping to plan and execute a company sales strategy that builds business effectively.
  • Building up under-performing sales staff.
  • Training new sales people quickly using breakthrough techniques.
  • Working with geographic areas that have multiple reps.
  • Building a sales culture using dynamic, proven sales strategies.
  • Leadership training for National or Regional Sales Managers.

We unlock the secrets to dramatically increase sales performances. A well trained and motivated sales person is the only way to actually increase sales. No amount of new product, marketing, advertising, shows or collateral can help a low performer sell more, without the right kind training that addresses the unique needs of the interior design industry.


In the past few years, things have changed dramatically in the industry and old sales approaches are simply not working any more. In fact, old sales approaches never worked, but now are even pushing away clients and driving down revenue.

Sales people (including myself) were not taught HOW to sell and to stand out in a myriad of product noise. Few sales people know how to prospect for new business. There is a dire shortage of those who can CREATE opportunities. Many sales people are victims of their own past successes and easier times when they could make their numbers while reacting to the market instead of working proactively and going after sales. Or relying on company’s momentum and favorable economic conditions that created strong demand for the product.

Companies  were not built to weather this kind of economic storm. Although this demands immediate attention, it’s not too late to learn how to be a stronger and more consistent sales person.

You may even have a national sales manager. Typically National Sales Managers or owners have directed in the following activities: Monitoring / managing sales reps performance, training sales reps on how to sell products, shepherding sales/ projects through the company, responding to unhappy customers and meeting with clients. These are all critically important activities. However, they rarely have time to teach/coach sales people on the most important skills for their success- HOW to sell.

Deborah Flate, founder, and principal of Dialogue Consulting has spent two decades training both outside and inside sales people on HOW to sell, always resulting in increased sales. The core of her sales training is based on her TECHNIQUES and strategies that always end with huge results. She inspires professionals to be fearless in trying to reach their full potential.  Her passion for the design industry is exceeded only by her love of sales and serves to motivate your sales staff.  When sales personnel start to receive large commission checks on a consistent basis, the motivation is increased exponentially.

Dialogue Consulting built its training programs on the concepts of incremental growth and change — supported by reinforcement, business coaching, and accountability. We accomplish this through our innovative programs that are specifically designed for creative people drawn to this industry.

Old methods are not only killing sales, in some cases, they are killing entire companies.  With Deborah’s game-changing strategies,  sales people will gain more momentum, save time and increase sales. Deborah provides strategies that actually work in this ever changing, creative world of design.

There’s a language and style that suits our industry unlike any other. Each of our programs is customized specifically for each company. There is never one size fits all. We just don’t believe that works. Each company we work with has a particular culture whether it’s a smaller, family owned company or a large corporation. We have been involved in sales and sales management of all sectors and fully understand what it takes to increase sales in the design industry.

Deborah was one of the few managers I worked with who understood the importance and strategies of a successful outside program and what it takes for sales which allowed me to excel in my sales efforts.

–Brad Bloom (former outside sales representative for Larsen & Associates/current VP Sales Pollack & Associates)

Let’s Start A Dialogue.

You may have tried strategies that seem to work at first but are just not sticking. Your sales are up and down and you can’t seem to find the right path to consistently increase your sales revenues and profits. If you are a showroom or independent sales person, you may have thought  the answer was changing lines or getting more lines. Or if you are a showroom or manufacturer with sales people, maybe you tried increasing sales by hiring an additional sales person or replacing one of your current staff with someone entirely new.

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