Sharp, well-coached professionals make things happen!

In our connected world, old sales approaches are no longer effective. In fact, they were never effective, but now they’re pushing away clients and driving down revenue. Most sales people working today have never been taught how to sell and stand out amid all the product noise.

Is it any surprise that only a minority of sales people really know how to prospect for new business? Many fall victims to their past successes and easier times when they could meet their quotas by reacting to the market instead of selling proactively. Or by relying on the company’s momentum and favorable economic conditions that generated product demand.

The truth is, there’s a dire shortage of sales people who can create real opportunities.

Work with Deborah one-on-one to create these opportunities and accelerate your sales results. This personalized approach will guide you step by step as you build, target and close your sales plan.

Sales Coaching highlights:
  • An upgrade from the 21-day Sales Jumpstart program
  • Designed as a block of one-on-one coaching sessions for corporations or individual sales reps
  • Helps you plan and execute a company sales strategy that builds business effectively
  • Builds up under-performing sales staff
  • Trains new sales people quickly using breakthrough techniques
  • Tailored for geographic areas with multiple reps
  • 4 sessions, 1 hour duration per session



Option to pay $500/ month for 3 months


No. of Participants Price
2-5 $3,500
6-10 $5,000
11-15 $7,000

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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"
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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"