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The New Traditionalists

RESULTS: The New Traditionalists found an increased national awareness, clearer focus, solid sales representation resulting in sales that increased by 40%.

STRATEGY: I started, working along-side the national sales manager, a complete strategy of how to launch a furniture line to the A&D community.

This included market research on other comparable lines evaluating pricing and product distribution. This helped understand what product would be viable and sellable in the design community and types we should concentrate on.

We studied manufacturing costs and priced each piece with a specific profit margin enabling TNT to keep the profit margin strong while still keeping competitive with other like vendors.

Tear sheets were designed based on my recommendations. I was able to show them how to “springboard” pieces from existing designs and draw them in cad, put line drawings on backs of tear sheets to save time and money making very expensive prototypes. They easily turned into actual pieces once the client placed an order.

Once we got all the tools we needed in place for  a great sales kit for outside sales people to launch this line. I assisted in finding independent reps to show the line to the A&D community.  I then trained the sales people on how to correctly sell using the techniques I use to uncover needs and sell without showing all the product.  Focusing on what designers are looking for resulting in a faster launch into the A&D marketplace.

“When we launched The New Traditionalists we wanted to work with someone who could assist in setting up a program to market the collection through outside sales channels. Deborah was immensely helpful in finding the right people for us to work with. We also trusted her expertise to advise us on our marketing initiatives and her knowledge to steer us in the right direction. We also utilized her sales training for our staff to make sure they were the best they can be. The benefit in working with Deborah was being able to build a business effectively and efficiently.”

– David Harris, Partner, VP of sales, The New Traditionalists

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