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Rodolph Fabrics

RESULTS: Sales doubled in two years with most of the increase from the low performing showrooms.

STRATEGY: I analyzed the sales from the higher performing showrooms vs. the low performing ones and quickly realized that sales training and accountability were lacking in the low performing showrooms. In the higher performing showrooms, the inside program was well run and outside sales people consistently showed the line.

I worked with the owner to expand the offerings with existing product to gain more client loyalty and sales to the line, and revamped the road kit to reflect this. I also assisted in outlining the “romance” that went with the road kit to give the sales people the confidence in knowing the collection. That encourages them to show the line more often.

As I traveled to each showroom, I formed a strong bond and relationship with the sales people and encouraged sales people to focus on success vs. excuses. We came up with a game that was easy for management to hold sales people more accountable each month.

I trained sales people on HOW to sell more which has now become the strategies I use for D2SalesTraining teaching sales people HOW to sell more.

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