Who We Work With

Our clients are companies in the contract, residential and hospitality design industry who are exceptional at what they do. Whether retail or to the trade, they are searching for a way to create that competitive edge that will increase their sales and distinguish their company from all others in their field. They have been unsuccessful at finding a way to get the dynamic growth they desire.

Our typical clients are putting beautiful product into the world. What they lack is the effective strategy that will guarantee more dynamic, consistent and steady results. They see some progress, but have failed to achieve their vision of where they think their company should be in the market. Their company has not seen the kind of growth they are really after. Their business is inconsistent or has completely stalled. They are unsure of how to adapt their sales strategies to any economy in the 21st century.

Look at what I hear from companies. Do any of these sound familiar?

Your business is unpredictable. It certainly has not recovered yet from the great recession of 2009. You start to see movement and, while some areas occasionally may be achieving their goals, many are still under-performing.

You just can’t quite put your finger on why some of your sales people succeed while others struggle. You let the under-performing sales person go and hire a replacement. You do, only to find that next person is not doing any better. Now you have invested time, effort and money with no return on that investment (ROI). That’s a profit eater.

Your company was once successful. You were profitable and you thought it would go on forever. Then 2009 came around and rocked the entire world and certainly the interior design industry. You continued to implement what you thought were very strong strategies that worked well in the past; mainly developing and putting out more and more product.

If you are at a crossroads and really don’t understand how to break into that next level and be as competitive as you want, our services will give you what you need to succeed. What makes your product unique? Over two decades of research and experience have been molded into new, bold, and innovative sales strategies to differentiate your company from the rest. These strategies have been proven to achieve maximum, measurable targeted results. The plan is designed with clarity to help reignite the passion and enthusiasm of your vision.

Business seems to be getting better. The economy is finally taking the choke hold off of our products or services. However, sales have stalled. You can’t quite figure out why, but you are still feeling very vulnerable. The word “budget” is coming up more often. More and more competitors are out there vying for the same exact sale. Many things have taken an invisible “BITE” out of your business in the 21st century design market such as the ease of online or retail purchasing. Mobile technology makes purchasing easy and immediate.

This gives selling and marketing new challenges and old ways obsolete. You need to do something to “set yourself apart” from them, but you are not sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you are thinking of doing is going to work. Is the answer social media, advertising, less expensive product, more beautiful product or product that can just live through any flood, earthquake or fire? You just don’t know for sure and that’s risky.

That’s where we come in with a clear, concise blueprint for success. You are our perfect client!

  • – Hire a compelling story teller and B2B expert
  • – Connect your audience to relevant sales subject matter areas
  • – Discover the secret of reaching clients with clarity and integrity
  • – Empower listeners by tapping into their potential
  • – Cut through industry jargon and deliver proven strategies

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