Sharp, well-coached professionals make things happen!

Selling is becoming increasingly more complex and the marketplace of interior design products is changing. Do your techniques match these changes? As your sales accelerator, we’re going to blast away barriers that cause frustration and make you work way too hard.

Founded by Deborah Flate, this sales-leadership approach is based on the belief that all successful sales result from a series of moment-to-moment choices – not from titles, tenures or products. When you adopt the right approach and fine-tune your tactic, your sales effort becomes a true labour of love. Why not reach all the goal posts you laid out for yourself?

Learn. Accelerate. Succeed.

Having a well-trained and motivated sales person is the only way to actually increase sales. No amount of new products, marketing efforts or trade shows can help a low performer sell more. This can happen only with the right kind of training that addresses the seller’s weak areas, and complements the unique trends of the interior design industry.

We customize all our programs to suit your company needs. We don’t offer generic solutions because each company we work with is made up of distinctive, interesting people who want to realize their own, matchless potential. Whether yours is a family-owned firm, medium-sized company or large corporation, we tailor strategies so that your sales skyrocket and you and your team accomplish amazing things.

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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"
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Download your Free Ebook on "Breaking Through The Sales Ceiling"