Sales Jumpstart/ Conscious Selling

Better Sales Figures Begin With Well Trained Salespeople
These highly engaging workshops will help you and your sales team build a solid core of qualified clients who are ready to buy NOW!

Sales play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between customer and business. Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a client would choose your product over your competition. Clients buy more from a salesperson they know “has their back”.

One of the recipes to building an effective sales team is the commitment to sales and providing the resources necessary to succeed. Implementing imprecise, cookie-cutter strategies ends up only hurting your bottom line in the long run.

Deborah teaches how to achieve a high level of confidence and perseverance that is necessary for the highest achievement. Choose between Deborah’s customized sales solutions either online or in person, depending on your needs:


Sales Jumpstart online learning

Boost your sales results in 21 days with our powerful three-part e-learning sales course. Suited for individual salespeople, whether new to the business or seasoned professionals. Discover how to generate leads better, improve results, qualify clients and bounce from objections in no time. Three pre-recorded sessions plus a 30-minute live coaching call with Deborah.

Sales Jumpstart highlights:

  • Why is change needed?
  • How to find sales opportunities at warp speed
  • Minimize your time getting in front of key decision makers.
  • Why focusing on loyal clients dramatically increase sales.
  • Why sales figures lie
  • Start closing on the phone when asking for appointments
  • Basic tenets and overview of 7 Core Principles
  • Precursor to Conscious Selling e-course

This is designed to be an in-depth introduction to the course Conscious Selling: 7 Core Principles for Sales Elevation. You will come away with a clear, focused system on how to begin implementing the 7 Core Principles into your sales efforts.

Conscious Selling 7 Core Principles for Sales Elevation 4-part online learning

Do you have enough business to reach your sales goals? If not, this workshop is specifically designed for individuals or groups to change that in short order.

Let Deborah work with you or your sales force and take a deep dive into what works best right now. Gain direct access to Deborah and take advantage of her time-honored sales strategies. One 90-minute online workshop every two weeks for 12 weeks.

This is a perfect follow up to the 21 Day Jumpstart, and builds on it or stands perfectly on it’s own. You will be securing these principles for the future. Builds a better system that will impact your work performance and ultimately elevate your sales.

Conscious Selling In Person Workshops

Deborah delivers an unforgettable experience for you and your sales team. We know that planning a meeting can be a challenge. To support all of our workshops and keynotes:

  • We meet with you to learn about you, your company, and your short- and long-term goals.
  • We then customize the program to align with these goals.
  • We suggest then supplying additional support post-workshop with coaching, videos, and e-learning.

In this engaging and provocative workshop your audience is challenged to rethink customer experience. Through stories, humor, and data Deborah builds the case that the real secret to sustainable long-term growth and profitability is delivering a legendary customer experience and every person in your organization owns it.

Some of the highlights of this workshop will be:

  • Learn to build credibility and rapport with your clients,
  • Build trust and loyalty with your clients
  • LISTEN to the needs of the client and the importance of listening skills
  • Meet clients at the perfect time in their buying cycle to make the sale faster
  • Generate interest in your ideas, and to provide solutions that best fit your customer’s needs
  • Set yourself up as an expert in your field
  • Researching client before initial meeting

Discover that successful sales cycles require planning and investigating planning techniques that work. You’ll observe ways to show commitment to your clients and receive commitment from them in return.

We advise your sales people research TARGETED accounts to hit the ground running with your messaging after the workshops. These are given as half-day or full day workshops.

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