30 July 2018

SITUATION: John Strauss had been designing furniture, one piece at a time, usually with client requisitions. His furniture was incredibly high-end and beautiful; however his branding did not reflect that. As well, his work was primarily custom which hindered him from being able to design and sell a standard line.   He came to Dialogue Consulting, at a critical time in his business, to broaden his market share and sell to architects and designers rather than directly to the consumer.

RESULTS: Sales doubled in one year and Strauss furniture gained showroom representation and garnered a much larger market- share of the A&D sector.

STRATEGY: We changed his brand to better reflect the high-end quality of his fine furniture. The graphics were changed from a more ordinary appearance to a very sophisticated and modern one using subtle green-grey tones and sepia photography to allow the product to shine and highlight his designs.

The logo incorporated his signature leg which was also used on the front of his card and repeated in the tear sheet, stationary and collateral pieces. New photography was also taken to better reflect the high-end quality of his line.

I showed him how to “springboard” pieces from existing designs and draw them in cad, put line drawings on backs of tear sheets to save time and money making very expensive prototypes. They easily turned into actual pieces once the client placed an order.

I also designed a presentation binder to give to the A&D community, worked on wholesale pricing, completed a year marketing plan, found distribution, and designed and implemented a booth for NeoCon to further expand his brand awareness.

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