How We Work

Unlock the new rules and have clients beating a path to your door! When deciding on a consultant to help train sales people or help with market growth and brand awareness, it’s important to hire someone who embraces and teaches these new rules.

These new rules focus on the client’s needs rather than the outdated sales and marketing strategies. Dialogue Consulting thrives on partnering with each client and seeing they get the highest return on investments (ROI) possible. This page will give you an idea of what we bring to your company and how that increases business for you.

From the start, we focus on our client’s current needs, develop a step by step plan for achieving business goals quickly to obtain maximum results.
We can never rely on a “cookie cutter” approach as each scenario is individual and one size never fits all.

We get big results; every single time!Our clients have two things in common, the first is a strong need or desire to achieve substantial increase in business be it brand awareness, product development of sales training. The second is to have a rock solid plan that can assure them of RESULTS.

Companies that work with Dialogue Consulting and apply principals have the same consistent results that have worked for hundreds of salespeople, dozens of product companies and showrooms and get a 97% return on their investment.

What you can expect when you work with us:

  • – Bigger market-share.
  • – More motivated sales force resulting in solid, consistent sales results.
  • – Clear and focused marketing enabling you to get to the next level quickly.
  • – Increased revenue and profit.

The bottom line is that my team and I make sure our clients get huge results with innovative answers to the challenges this industry is facing.We create and implement a plan to create your company’s competitive edge.

Sometimes we need to step back and look at what we can do differently for better results.Through sales and marketing experience, we have developed techniques and procedures that help facilitate change. Change requires more effort and takes you out of your comfort zone much more than maintaining the status quo, but the benefits always outweigh the effort.

The benefits to you and your company are increased sales, more profit, and a top branding image in the industry which come from an insider. Some who knows every aspect of this business and how to get it to work with much less effort!

More than this, we apply conceptual thinking and strategic focus, resulting in a successful response and dynamic results. Our strategic thinking is driven by our clients’ aspirations and business objectives. Having these defined goals enables us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, enduring and effective companies.

We completely take the guessing out of the picture.This gives you fast and lasting results. We focus on the processes that we have learned from working with over 200 product companies 5 national, multi-line showrooms and dozens of industry sales people. Planning, solid marketing and branding, and lastly, discipline. Following these three principles results in dynamic increases in your sales and revenues.

What sets us apart from other marketing consultants and sales trainers is that we teach a new concept in sales and marketing techniques which are particular to the design market . These concepts are not found in textbooks or with other consultants or sales trainers who have not worked exclusively in this industry.

We don’t waste any of your time or money by trying to retro-fit a plan that is not specific to this industry. We speak the language, know exactly how your clients think, what they’re looking for and what their buying habits are. We have been doing this successfully for more than 25 years.

We have a deep understanding of all aspects of this industry because we have been in the trenches. We know what it takes to be successful.

There is a particular way the creative mind learns. We teach creative people, who are drawn to this industry, how to work with and sell to creative people who are our clients. The results are lasting growth to your business.

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