We work with companies that need to invent or re-invent their marketing. We create a detailed written blueprint differentiating your company from the rest. Our expertise, deep knowledge and results with companies in the interior design industry can catapult your company to the next level…..painlessly.  You and your company get noticed by being different and that’s the first step in gaining clients. We work with you to uncover and communicate your unique brand identity that allows you to focus on your best assets. In that way, your business can connect faster, easier and more meaningfully with its target market.  Our cost effective solutions may be exactly what you are looking for.

We offer services that range from working with start-ups who may not know how to be begin, to an already established company that wants to get to the next level of profitability. We work with existing marketing departments, or independently with companies that choose not to have full time marketing personnel.

Marketing and sales play off each other and are the backbone of successful companies. While Deborah does not believe marketing actually makes the sales, it certainly can support the efforts of any sales person. It’s imperative that your company branding is strong, so that your target market knows exactly who you are!

Many marketing consultants do not truly understand what makes the interior design business tick or even what truly works.

They have some kind of “system” that they try to retro-fit onto your company. Not only have I been in most of the shoes of the company sectors I serve; I have seen, first hand, what works and what doesn’t and that benefits all of my clients. There is no learning curve and have the knowledge base and experience that makes companies successful.

Many people I talk to say the following:

  • “I love producing beautiful product or running a beautiful showroom or selling beautiful product. But I want to do better at marketing.”
  • “I can’t seem to grow the business. I try to find new business, but it just isn’t happening.”
  • “I can’t seem to be 100% sure that my marketing is truly working.
  • “For companies without a marketing department it’s almost impossible to run the nuts and bolts of the business, and do marketing.”
  • “We were doing the best we could; why aren’t we making more money?”

My clients hire me not only for my deep knowledge from all of my experience in the industry, but for results. Before the first step is taken, my clients businesses are researched as to what is working and what is not, and a comprehensive plan is submitted based on that research. When they apply those changes, they grow! Check out some of our success stories….click here.